The End of Interdisciplinary and the Start of Something New

December 08, 2023 Healwell
The End of Interdisciplinary and the Start of Something New
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Interdisciplinary has ended, but our new podcast "The Rub" will begin January 2024!

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Corey Rivera:

Dear friends, I'm Corey Rivera, and welcome to the end of interdisciplinary. After 13 Wonderful seasons, it's time for the Healwell podcast to shift into a new gear. We've spent these last four years talking to people about what they do and why. We've made new friends learn new things, heard some big problems and innovative solutions, and given more non answers than we chipboard. All of interdisciplinary plus seven bonus episodes from Healwell's original podcast"Massage Therapy Without Borders" will remain available right here.

Our new show "The Rub:

a podcast about massage therapy" will focus more on the work Healwell is doing and on building a pathway for massage therapists into healthcare and through the somewhat overwhelming ideas about it. We'll talk about where we're going, where we've been, and some trends we see happening that will affect our futures. We will still strive to say the quiet parts loud. The Rub will be its own standalone podcast. If you follow the link in the show notes you can subscribe and listen to its first ever episode hospital based massage therapy, which originally aired on Interdisciplinary on July 8. We will be back with new episodes in January every other Wednesday morning. If you have any questions that you'd like us to try and find answers for or any ideas you think we should explore, please, please, please contact us at If you're lonely while we're on hiatus, I highly encourage you to check out the Healwell Online Community at There's a link to a two week free trial in the show notes for first time members. I hope your holiday season goes as well as it can and that you're able to ring in the new year and your preferred manner whether that's sparkly jackets, pajama pants or a combination of both. This is Corey, signing off. See you in the new year.

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