Countering Capitalism with Co-ops with Marisa Allison, PhD

October 14, 2023 Healwell Season 12 Episode 10
Countering Capitalism with Co-ops with Marisa Allison, PhD
Show Notes

Episode description:
Corey and Dr Marisa Allison talk about co-ops, community and the possibilities for massage therapy.
REI Co-op
Nap Ministry
Sustainable Economies Law Center
International Co-op Alliance
Democracy at Work Institute
Solidarity Economics
Aorta: Autumn Brown
Rochelle Capital
Cat with Cookies comic by Molly Crabapple
Collective Courage by Jessica Gordon Nembhard

About Our Guest: 
Dr. Marisa Allison graduated with her Ph.D. in Public and Applied Sociology from George Mason University in December 2022. While working on her doctoral degree, Marisa served as the Research Director with the New Faculty Majority Foundation, a grassroots research and advocacy non-profit focused on improving the working conditions for contingent faculty in higher education. With a strong commitment to organic public sociology, action research, and liberatory higher education, Marisa entered into the emerging field of critical university studies after several years in the higher education movement arena where her scholarship and activism has focused on academic labor conditions, gendered work, student debt, and corporate influence in higher education. Marisa has been involved in the academic labor movement in the U.S. for the last 13 years, working with unions and campus organizers to better labor conditions on college and university campus

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