Dance Together and Walk Out with Su Bibik

September 23, 2023 Healwell Season 12 Episode 8
Dance Together and Walk Out with Su Bibik
Show Notes

This week Cal and Corey are talking to Su Bibik, massage therapist, educator, go getter and one of our favorite people. She'll tell you what's she's up to a year after she sold her school and and spoiler alert: its not retirement.
Show Notes

About Our Guest: 
Business Owner, Educator, Massage Therapist, Scuba Diver, Grandma Su Bibik is Founder & CEO of Institute for Massage Education, previously an aspect of Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts (KCHA). Su and her husband began the Center in 1986 out of their home. It quickly grew to meet the demands for professional, effective massage therapy and alternative modalities. Su’s background teaching math in high school and college naturally led to creating a program to train massage therapists. She has an uncanny ability to convey otherwise difficult information in a fun and meaningful fashion. Most recently she completed her certification training and is a Certified Open Water Scuba Diver and did her first dive trip to Dominica to celebrate her 70th Birthday. 

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