ReRun: The Ways We Feed Each Other with Jenn Brandel, LICSW

August 12, 2023 Healwell Season 12 Episode 2
ReRun: The Ways We Feed Each Other with Jenn Brandel, LICSW
Show Notes

This week we are re-running one of Cal's favorites from January, 2022. This conversation with Jenn Brandel covers crisis planning, metaphors, and how we support each other in hard times.

Find Jenn's books (including a free downloadable PDF of My Crisis Plan)

About Our Guest: 
Jenn Brandel is a licensed clinical social worker in Boston with over twenty years of experience working as a psychotherapist, trainer, supervisor and consultant. Her work centers around the use of mindfulness and humor to promote compassionate practices, healing and connection. She has been recognized as a leader in her field - making numerous media appearances and speaking at conferences and professional venues throughout New England. She is the author of My Crisis Plan: What I Need to Get Through the Darkness and When Rabbits Spill Their Tea: Metaphors to Guide Us Through Difficult Times. 

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