MTWB: There's Nothing Wrong With Being a Leader with Gordon MacDonald

December 09, 2023 Healwell
MTWB: There's Nothing Wrong With Being a Leader with Gordon MacDonald
Show Notes

This week, Cathy and Cal talk with Gordon MacDonald, Executive Director of the RMTBC, about the return to practice.

This episode originally aired in June 2020 on the "Massage Therapy Without Borders" podcast.


About Our Guest:

Gordon has a long history of working at a senior level within British Columbia’s health care, education and regulatory sectors. Most recently he was Senior Consultant at Health Match BC where he was responsible for collaborating with each of the province’s seven health authorities in the recruitment of registered nurses, physicians and allied health professionals. Previously he held the positions of Vice President, Regulation and Program Development, CIBT Education Group, and Associate Director, Douglas College where he was responsible for development and administration of a number of retraining programs for internationally educated health professionals, including their Skills Connect program. He is the former Executive Director/Registrar of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC and formerly the Program Director, Healthcare Labour Adjustment Agency of BC where he was responsible for overseeing and developing training and transition programs for the health care professionals affected by the restructuring of the BC health care system.

Gordon has been the lead on a number of key projects in the health sector including the development of Prior Learning Assessment tools for internationally educated health care professions seeking practice registration as well as managing the development of courses in nursing, medical imaging and laboratory technology. He has provided strategic leadership in working with several health regulatory bodies, both provincially and nationally.

Additionally, he has served on several boards and committees. He has been a member of the Health Human Resources Advisory Committee for the BC Ministry of Health, the BC Labour For

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