The DeathFat Doula with Isabella Carr

November 18, 2023 Healwell Season 13 Episode 4
The DeathFat Doula with Isabella Carr
Show Notes

Episode description:
Corey talks with Isabella Carr, the Deathfat Doula about the word "fat," death, and dying as a fat person.

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Guest bio:
Isabella Carr is a writer, theologian, and deathworker specializing in end-of-life care, education, and advocacy for deviant bodies. Isabella is currently a graduate student at Harvard Divinity School and studied under Death Doula LA. Her doula and research focus is a material and theological project called Deathfat: Fat Funerals and Futurities. As a doula, Isabella focuses on providing clear and compassionate care to ensure fat people are able to access the best care possible. Isabella graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in religion and wrote her thesis on fat sexuality and religion. She has spent much of her professional career working with marginalized communities and is dedicated to accessibility and autonomy in life and death.

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